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Our story

Omnileads, LLC was created out of necessity due to the marketing agencies producing very poor SEO ranking results and extremely inflated prices. The founder (Benjamin Jones, LCSW) is all too familiar with the “over-promising” and “under-delivering” from local SEO companies. Before Omnileads was created; he (Benji) was also a victim in the amount of $72,000.

Benji fully understands why SEO has become synonymous with the various “4-letter” words!

Benji owned and operated a brick and mortar business which relied heavily on search engine optimization. He knows how important it is to acquire ongoing new customers. He found what he thought was one of the best Utah SEO services; which turned out to be the worst!

They forced Benji into a long-term contract. They were only able to provide one (1) total backlink; which was a “.edu” from Singapore in two years time. The only SEO they were able to succeed at, was to use a third-party advertiser website.

From that moment on, (once he was finally released from his contractual obligations) Benji was determined to learn the true science of SEO. The primary goal in the beginning was to market for himself. Benji became a master of his art very shortly and realized he could offer his proprietary methods to others.

Omnileads only focuses on the top three “Map-Pack” and page one organic SEO rankings! We do not do anything else (website development, social media advertising/blogs, PPC, etc.). We have learned just how powerful inbound marketing is, as compared to outbound efforts.

Omnileads SEO maintains 100% compliance with all of Google’s rules/algorithm’s. Everything that Omnileads does is within the boundaries of white hat tactics. It is impossible to get penalized when working with us.

Benji takes great pride in both destroying the current stigma attached with SEO, as well as the perceived marketing competition. He has made working with Omnileads easy and fun by offering affordable flat month-to-month rates as well as no contractual requirements. Benji wants to exclusively partner with you for many years to come; to help you achieve the same results as far as doubling or tripling your income!

Omnileads is truly the bill that pays all of your other bills!

We have a sole focus

OmniLeads is focused on becoming the most efficient SEO agency in Salt Lake City. We are passionate about SEO and constantly focus on improving what we do to be the best at this specific digital marketing service.

Research & Trends

Our secret ingredient? We do constant research and implementation of the latest SEO trends. Although we have a very strong foundation to get results in SEO, we are constantly opened to grow which make us a super reliable partner for your company.

You Come First

We also pride ourselves on our superior customer satisfaction and service! We want all our clients to get really fast answers and constant communication with us.

We're transparent

We answer your questions in no time and give you access to all dashboards and all the data we have so you’re always in the loop.

Our mission & Values

Did you know that Google search is what leads to the most online purchases?

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