We are truly excited to have you as our newest members of the Omnileads family.

Just think, in a few short months your life will change drastically!

Until then; feel free to download a copy of our Master Service Outline or read it below.

Master Service Outline


This Master Service Outline is designed to provide a qualified business our exclusive marketing rights to the city they are located in but limited only to their specific business industry/niche. All services will be provided by Omnileads, LLC  and their marketing experts with more than 25 plus years of combined experience.



This scope of service will focus on 1 campaign (niche) per physical address. This campaign can and will shift as market data indicates. 

Niche(s) of interest: (Whatever specific or broad product/service you provide)

Your low monthly rate will never change so long as you never cancel your PayPal subscription. However, you may cancel our services at any time; but will forfeit your exclusivity as well as your current monthly cost. If you decide to return and utilize our marketing services once again; you will be charged the current price based on the tier structure in action at the time of re-activating your account. 


Digital Marketing (SEO, Search Engine Optimization) to support and optimize your ongoing ROI. The primary focus will be to organically rank you within the top 3 positions of the Google Places (local map listings) which is found organically on page one (1) of any major keyword search term.

Organic off-page (white hat tactics) with on-page optimization as needed when ongoing data suggests
    a. Local consisting of brand awareness & City (map pack and organic ranking)
    b. Local consisting of brand awareness & State (map pack and organic ranking)
    c. National consisting of brand awareness & National (organic ranking)


Working with us needs to be as straightforward as possible. Therefore, expectation setting is extremely important. We will do our best to set realistic expectations for you. Here’s what to expect from Omnileads, llc.

SEO campaign/niche setup and configuring the below items:
    a. On-page optimization when necessary for optimum keyword performance
    b. Google My Business local map listing optimization
    c. Off-page optimization for ongoing keyword/website ranking

Your SEO campaign/niche will begin immediately upon confirmation of subscribing to our monthly service. Our primary goal is to get your business as many new customers (via telephone calls and/or online form submissions) as possible through our organic SEO efforts (map pack and keyword/website ranking). We guarantee to produce amazing results within the first 6 months or your money back! However, the majority of our clientele see results in as little as 30 days or less.

Just as Omnileads, llc has an extremely high standard for excellence; we expect you to follow the same.
    a. No violations or probationary periods
    b. Competitive pricing
    c. Special offers
    d. A great reputation both online and in the real world
    e. A solid caller intake system to properly manage inquiries. If not, it will compromise your ROI.


Omnileads, llc takes great pleasure in serving the business community abroad and is always hungry for more work. Therefore, we will gladly credit you $50.00 toward your monthly bill for every QUALIFIED referral that you bring to the table. There is no limit to how many credits you can earn! The referral just has to be an earnestly seeking customer. Here’s what a qualified referral looks like to us.

A qualified potential customer referral will be defined as follows:
    a. The referral will be earnestly looking to hire online marketers for ongoing customer acquisition  
    b. The referral will meet our minimum standards through an interview/assessment verification process
    c. The referral will not have already been referred to us previously by another existing client


Please do not hesitate to contact us for any reason. It is our most sincere desire to maintain a long-term relationship for the next 20-30 years. That is why we offer you exclusivity to your city and niche; and conduct a thorough verification to ensure we are a good fit for each other.

​Here’s to a great future together!